Walking On The Moon bass tabs

WALKING ON THE MOON(as recorded by The Police)

Original music by Sting

h = hammer on for next note
p = pull off for next note
s = slide up to next note
(n) = optional fingered note

A simple song with a lot of space. One of Stings best
I hope you understand the timr in the end

Giant steps are what you take...

Riff into chorus     

Some may say...

Walking On The Moon Bass Tabs

If you’re a bass player and you love the music of The Police, you’ll be happy to know that the bass line of one of their most iconic songs, Walking On The Moon, is not only fun to play but also quite easy to learn. In this article, we will teach you how to play Walking On The Moon on bass with our step-by-step bass tabs.

Why Learn Walking On The Moon Bass Tabs

Walking On The Moon is a classic song by The Police that people of all generations still love today. By learning how to play the bass line of this song, you’ll not only be able to impress your friends but also improve your bass playing skills. You’ll learn new techniques such as muting, sliding, and syncopation that are common in many other songs. On top of that, you’ll have tons of fun playing one of the coolest bass lines in the history of rock music.

Walking On The Moon Bass Tabs

Below are the bass tabs for Walking On The Moon by The Police. We’ve included them in both traditional notation as well as tablature to accommodate bass players of all skill levels.







How To Play Walking On The Moon Bass Tabs

Before you start playing Walking On The Moon on bass, make sure your bass is properly tuned and your fingers are warmed up. Start by playing the verse riff slowly and make sure your notes are clean and clear. As you get comfortable with the riff, gradually increase the tempo until you can play at the song’s original speed. You can also practice muting the strings with your left hand to get that cool staccato sound.

For the chorus, you’ll be playing a simple two-note pattern that repeats throughout the section. Make sure your timing is precise and you’re playing the notes cleanly.

The bridge section is a bit more challenging, as it requires you to move your fingers quickly on the fretboard. Take your time and practice each phrase slowly before putting it all together.

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Walking On The Moon is not only a great song by The Police, but it’s also a fantastic bass line that’s both fun and easy to play. By learning how to play Walking On The Moon on bass, you’ll improve your skills and add a new song to your repertoire. We hope this article with our bass tabs for Walking On The Moon has been helpful. Happy playing!

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