Shakedown Street bass tabs

Shakedown Street bass tabs

Artist: Greatful Dead
Song: Shakedown Street
Album: ?

Tabbed by Mike Hibbard

Main Groove

Second Groove :28

Bridge— This is the root, improvise! 4X


Shakedown Street Bass Tabs: Play the Groove Right!

Shakedown Street Bass Tabs: Play the Groove Right!


Are you a fan of the Grateful Dead and their classic song Shakedown Street? Do you want to learn to play the bass line and groove along with the music? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with the Shakedown Street bass tabs, explain how to play them, and give you some tips to get the groove just right. Let’s get started!

The Bass Tabs

Firstly, let’s take a look at the Shakedown Street bass tabs. The bass line for this song is relatively simple, but it’s all in the groove. Here is the tab for the main riff:

Main Riff:


As you can see, the main riff is a repeating pattern of four notes, played in a descending arpeggio. The rhythm is also important, with the notes being played on the beat and in a slightly swing feel. Additionally, there are some variations to the main riff during the song, but they are all based on this basic pattern.

Secondly, there is also a bridge section in the song that features a different bass line. Here is the tab for the bridge:



The bridge section is a simple riff that plays off the chords of the song. It’s a good opportunity to switch up the groove and add some dynamics to your playing.

Playing the Bass Tabs

Now that we have the tabs, how do we play them? Firstly, let’s talk about technique. To play the bass line to Shakedown Street, you’ll want to use a combination of fingerpicking and slap/pop techniques. This will allow you to get a good mix of finger tone and percussive accents in your playing.

Here’s a breakdown of the techniques used in the main riff:

  • Start by plucking the first note with your index finger
  • Hammer-on the third note with your ring finger
  • Pluck the fourth note with your middle finger
  • Slap the fifth note with your thumb
  • Pop the sixth note with your ring finger
  • Pluck the seventh note with your middle finger
  • Repeat the pattern

Keep in mind that the rhythm and groove are just as important as the notes themselves. Make sure you’re playing along with the drums and staying in the pocket with the rest of the band.

Tips for Getting the Groove Right

Playing the notes correctly is one thing, but getting the groove right is what really makes the bass line to Shakedown Street stand out. Here are some tips to help you get the groove just right:

  • Listen to the song and feel the groove
  • Practice the rhythm and timing, both by yourself and with a metronome
  • Experiment with different finger techniques to find what sounds right to you
  • Work on your dynamics, adding accents and variations to the riff
  • Play along with the song, or with other musicians, to lock in the groove

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! The bass line to Shakedown Street is a classic, and playing it with the right groove can be a truly rewarding experience.

In Conclusion

Playing the bass line to Shakedown Street is a great way to get into the groove of the Grateful Dead and their music. By using the bass tabs provided in this article, working on your technique, and focusing on the groove, you can really bring the song to life. So pick up your bass and get grooving!

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