Night Moves bass tabs

Night Moves bass tabs

Artist: Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Track: Night Moves
Album: Night Moves (1976)
Bassist: Chris Campbell

Intro (x2) & Verse (x6)

G |—————————————————|—————————————————|
D |6——6—6——6—6——6———|4——————————————————4
A |—————————————————|———4—4——4—4——4—4——4
E |—————————————————|—————————————————|

Chorus (x3)

G |—————————————————|—————————————————|
D |3——3—3——1————————|——1——————————————|
A |———————————4—4——4|4———3————————————|
E |—————————————————|—————————————————|


G |—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|
D |3——3—3—————3/6———|—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|
A |———————1—1———————|4——4—4——4—4——4—4—|4—6——————————————|————————3—4——————|
E |————————————————4|—————————————————|————4——4—4——4—4——|4—4——4———————————|

G |—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|
D |—————————————————|2—3—4——4——4——4——4|—4——4————————————|—————————————————|
A |4—4——4—4——4—4———6|—————————————————|———————4—5—6———6—|6——6——6——6——6/1——|
E |—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|————————————————4|

G |—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|
D |—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|
A |————————————4————|————4—————————4——|——————4————————4—|—4———————————————|
E |4—————4—————————4|—————————1———————|1——————————1—————|————————4~———————|


G |—————————————————|—————————————————|
D |6——6—6——6—6——6——4|—————————————————4—5 x8
A |—————————————————|4—4——4—4——4—4——4————
E |—————————————————|—————————————————|

G |—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|
D |3——3—3——3—3——3—3—|—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|
A |—————————————————|1—2—3——3—3——3—3——|3—3——3h5h3——1——1—|1——1—3—4——4—4————|
E |—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|

G |—————————————————|—————————————————|
D |—————————————————|——————3——————————|
A |4——6h8h6—————————|——3h6———6————————|
E |———————————4———4—|———————————4~~———|

Night Moves Bass Tabs – Learn to Play This Classic Song

Night Moves Bass Tabs – Learn to Play This Classic Song


If you’re a fan of classic rock, you’ll know that Night Moves by Bob Seger is an all-time favourite. The song has a catchy melody, powerful lyrics, and of course, some great basslines. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to play Night Moves on bass using easy-to-follow bass tabs, suitable for beginners and intermediate players.

Why Learn Night Moves on Bass?

There are several reasons why you should learn to play Night Moves on bass. For one, it’s a classic song that has stood the test of time. Learning to play it will give you a sense of accomplishment and also help you improve your bass playing skills. Additionally, playing Night Moves in a band or at a gig will impress your audience and make them want to sing along.

Getting Started: What You Need

Before you jump into playing Night Moves on bass, you’ll need a few things. Firstly, you’ll need a bass guitar. You can either purchase one or borrow from a friend. Next, you’ll want to have a good pair of headphones so that you can hear the bassline clearly. Finally, you’ll need the night moves bass tabs. You can find them easily online or purchase them from a music store.

How to Read Bass Tabs

If you’re new to playing the bass, you might not be familiar with bass tabs. Bass tabs are a simplified form of sheet music that shows you where to put your fingers on the fretboard. The numbers on the tabs correspond to the frets on the bass. For example, if there’s a 3 on the tab, you’ll need to put your finger on the 3rd fret. If there’s a 0, it means you play that string open.

Bass Tabs for Night Moves

Now, let’s get into the good stuff. Here are the bass tabs for Night Moves:



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