Never There bass tabs

Never There bass tabs

G ——————————————————————————————————
D ————————2————————————2————1———————
A ————————————0—————3————2——————————
E ——0———3———————————————————————————

G ——————————————————————————————————
D ————————2—————————————————————————
A ————————————5————3——2———0—————————
E ——0———3———————————————————————————

i fixed a couple notes.

Never There Bass Tabs – A Complete Guide for Beginners

Never There Bass Tabs – A Complete Guide for Beginners


If you’re a beginner bass guitar player, you might be interested in learning how to play “Never There” by Cake. This classic tune features an easy-to-follow bassline that’s perfect for those who are just starting out. In this guide, we’ll take you through the song step by step and provide you with all the information you need to master this classic tune.

Table of Contents

  1. Bassline Overview
  2. Main Riff
  3. Chorus
  4. Bridge
  5. Outro

Bassline Overview

The bassline for “Never There” is relatively simple and straightforward. The song is in the key of G, and the bassline consists mainly of eighth notes played on the root and fifth of the chord.

Main Riff

The main riff of “Never There” is played using just two notes: G and D. The riff starts with a quarter note on G, followed by two eighth notes on D. This pattern then repeats several times.

When the vocals kick in, the bassline becomes slightly more complex. You’ll still be playing the same two notes, but you’ll need to add some slides and accents to give the riff some extra texture and energy.


The chorus of “Never There” features a simple but effective bassline that supports the soaring melody. The bassline starts on G, then walks down to E, and then back up to G. The second half of the chorus features a series of eighth notes that emphasize the root and fifth of the chord.


The bridge of “Never There” changes things up a bit, introducing a new chord progression and a more complex bassline. The bassline still revolves around the root and fifth of the chord, but there are some additional notes thrown in to add some extra flavor.


The outro of “Never There” is similar to the introduction, featuring a simple bassline that repeats several times. The main difference is that the tempo slows down slightly, giving the song a more relaxed and reflective feel.


Learning to play “Never There” on bass is a great way to develop your skills as a beginner. By mastering the song’s simple but effective bassline, you’ll improve your rhythm, accuracy, and musicality, setting you up for success as you continue to progress. So, grab your bass guitar, get practicing, and soon you’ll be able to play this classic tune with confidence and flair!

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