Natural One bass tabs

Natural One bass tabs

"Natural One" by Folk Implosion
>From the KIDS soundtrack on London Records

Riff A:
G|——————————————————————| Repeat 3x |————————————————|
D|————————9——10——9——————| Then play |————————————————|
A|——9——12———————————12——| |——9——12——11——7——|
E|——————————————————————| |————————————————|

Play once then play Riff B

Riff B:
I'm the one natural one.....

Play 2x then play riff A 2x

Natural One Bass Tabs: Learn To Play The Song | Guitar Tab Lab

Natural One Bass Tabs: Learn To Play The Song


“Natural One” is a hit song from the American alternative rock band, Folk Implosion. The song was featured in the movie “Kids” and became the band’s biggest hit, reaching the top of the charts.

In this article, we will provide you with easy to follow bass tabs that will help you learn to play the song on your bass guitar. You do not need to be a professional bassist to play this song, with the right guidance, you can easily master the song and impress your audience.

Let’s get started!

Understanding The Natural One Bass Tabs

The Natural One bass tabs we will be using in this article are a simplified version of the song. The tabs are easy to understand and follow and are suitable for beginners.

The song is played in the key of E and the bassline is quite simple. You will need to know basic techniques such as plucking, sliding, and muting to play the song effectively.

Our tabs are arranged in a way that makes it easy to follow the song’s rhythm and timing. We have also included notes on the chord progressions used in the song to help you understand the structure of the song better.

Playing The Natural One Bass Tabs

Here is a breakdown of the tabs for each section of the song:






Notes: Repeat four times for the verse section.






Notes: Repeat four times for the chorus section.

That’s it! The entire song follows this simple pattern for the verses and chorus.

Make sure to listen to the song carefully to understand its timing and rhythm. Start by playing slowly until you get the hang of it and gradually increase the speed as you gain confidence.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep practicing until you can play the song without looking at the tabs.


Learning to play Natural One on bass guitar is not as difficult as it seems. With the easy to follow bass tabs provided in this article and some practice, you can become a pro in no time.

It is important to note that every bassist has their unique style when playing a song. You can add your style to the song once you get comfortable playing the tabs.

We hope you find this article helpful in learning to play Natural One on your bass guitar. Don’t forget to visit Guitar Tab Lab for more helpful articles and resources on playing the guitar.

Good luck and happy playing!


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