Magic Feat. Rivers Cuomo bass tabs

Magic Feat. Rivers Cuomo bass tabs

B.o.B. Feat. Rivers Cuomo — Magic Bass Tab

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Main Riff of the song


Intro Fill...


Rest of the fills...


Pretty Easy Song But has an awesome feel to it

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Bass tabs are the written form of music notation specific for bass guitar players. If you’re into rock, and especially if you’re a fan of the band Weezer, you’ll likely be interested in the bass tabs for the Magic Feat song by Rivers Cuomo. This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding how to play the Magic Feat song, specifically focusing on the bass tabs.

The purpose of this article is to make it easier for musicians, both experienced and new, to learn to play this song. We’ve designed this guide to be both technical and entertaining, providing a better understanding of the song and a few tricks and tips. Lastly, since this is an SEO-optimized article, you can expect to find information structured in such a way that is easy to read and excellent for search engines.

Section 1: Magic Feat Bass Tabs

The Magic Feat bass tabs consist of four chords played in a loop, making it an excellent song choice for beginner bass players. The chords in this song are F, D, C, and Bb. Once you’ve known these chords, playing the song is as easy as reading the tab. The tab consists of a series of numbers and symbols that signify specific notes and techniques to produce the proper sound. Let us break down the bass tabs for you:


The first part of the song is the verse, which is repeated throughout the whole song. The verse starts and ends with the F chord. In between, you’ll play a combination of the D and C chords.

Magic Feat Verse Bass Tabs


The chorus of Magic Feat is essentially the same as the verse with one simple modification. Instead of playing the D chord between the two F chords, you’ll play the Bb chord.

Magic Feat Chorus Bass Tabs

Section 2: Techniques Used In Magic Feat Bass Tabs

Now that you know how to play Magic Feat bass tabs, let’s look at the techniques that are in the song.


One of the techniques used in the song is called slides. Slides are when you play a note, and instead of lifting your finger, you slide it to a different fret. To play the Magic Feat tab with slides, make sure to slide from the C to the D chord in the verse and the Bb to F chord in the chorus.


You can also use the hammer-on technique to play the Magic Feat bass tabs. Hammer-ons are notes that you play by striking the string very hard. You play a note on a lower fret, and without lifting your finger, you immediately play a note on the higher fret. Hammer-ons are typically indicated on a tab by a curved line connecting the two notes played in quick succession.

Section 3: Tips and Tricks for Playing Magic Feat Bass Tabs

Learning how to play Magic Feat bass tabs is not solely about knowing when and where to place your fingers on the fretboard. It’s also about how rhythmically you can play the song. Below are tips and tricks new musicians can utilize when learning to play Magic Feat bass tabs.

Focus on the rhythm:

Focus on the rhythm and timing of each note you play and the spaces in between. Concentrate on the beat and the timing. Paying attention to this rhythm enhances the overall sound and groove of your song.

Break the song into smaller parts:

The Magic Feat bass tabs song isn’t long, but it’s repetitive. Breaking the song into smaller parts can help you understand and learn the differences between the verse and the chorus.


Magic Feat bass tabs by Rivers Cuomo is excellent for new musicians who are looking to learn the bass guitar. The song makes use of four chords that make it relatively simple for beginners to understand. It also uses two techniques, slides, and hammer-ons, which is excellent for people who are investigating new playing approaches. Lastly, we provide tips and tricks for improving your playing techniques, such as focusing on rhythm, breaking the song into smaller parts, and using chord progressions. We hope that our guide provides you with the knowledge, techniques, and overall understanding of playing Magic Feat bass tabs.

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