Jazz Walking! bass tabs

Jazz Walking! bass tabs

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Jazz Walking! Bass Tabs

Jazz Walking! Bass Tabs


If you’re into jazz music and play bass guitar, you might be interested in learning how to play the Jazz Walking! bass line. Jazz Walking! is a classic jazz tune that features a walking bass line, which is a signature bass technique that’s used in jazz music to create a steady rhythmic pulse. This bass line is not only fun to play but also a great way to improve your jazz playing skills.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the Jazz Walking! bass tabs, and explain how to play the tune, and offer some tips for improving your jazz playing skills.

What is Jazz Walking?

Before we dive into the Jazz Walking! bass tabs, let’s briefly discuss what jazz walking is. The jazz walking bass line is a common technique used in jazz music. It is a bass line that consists of quarter note rhythms that create a repetitive and steady yet swinging pulse, similar to the sound of a walking human being. This rolling bass line is the essence of swing music.

Bass Tabs

Now that we have a basic understanding of the jazz walking bass line, let’s take a look at the Jazz Walking! bass tabs. The tabs are provided in standard tuning and in tablature format. Follow the tablature and the rhythm notations to keep the steady pulse while walking through the chord changes.



How to Play

The Jazz Walking! bass line consists of two measures, with each measure consisting of four beats. Start by playing the first measure, which begins on the third fret of the A string. This note is played on the first beat of the measure and is held for two beats. Then, move to the fifth fret of the D string, which is played on the third beat of the measure. Return to the third fret of the A string on the fourth beat and hold for two beats.

For the second measure, start on the fifth fret of the A string on the first beat and continue on the fifth fret of the D string on the third beat. Then, move to the seventh fret of the D string on the fourth beat and play it with a short note. Finally, finish the bass line by returning to the third fret of the A string.

Tips for Improving Your Jazz Playing Skills

If you want to improve your jazz playing skills, here are some tips that can help:

  • Listen to jazz music regularly: The more you listen to jazz music, the more familiar you’ll become with the different styles and techniques used in jazz music.
  • Practice playing with a metronome: Jazz music is all about rhythm, so it’s essential to practice playing with a metronome to develop your sense of timing.
  • Learn music theory: Understanding music theory will help you understand the chord progressions and scale patterns that are commonly used in jazz music.
  • Practice improvisation: Improvisation is an essential part of jazz music, so practice improvising over different chord progressions to develop your improvisational skills.
  • Play with other musicians: Playing with other musicians will help you develop your listening and communication skills, as well as expose you to different styles and techniques.


Learning how to play the Jazz Walking! bass line is a great way to improve your jazz playing skills. By using the provided bass tabs and practicing regularly, you’ll be able to play this classic jazz tune in no time. Don’t forget to listen to jazz music regularly, practice playing with a metronome, learn music theory, practice improvisation, and play with other musicians to continue improving your jazz playing skills. Happy playing!

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