If You Want Me To Stay (ver 2) bass tabs

If You Want Me To Stay (ver 2) bass tabs

If You Want Me To Stay — Sly And The Family Stone

This song has only one bassline which continues over and over
again, with
subtle differences and embellishments.

This ENTIRE thing is slapped, but it sounds just as good played

Bassist: Sly Stone.



If You Want Me To Stay (ver 2) Bass Tabs

If you’re a bass player who loves funk, then you’re probably familiar with the legendary band Sly and the Family Stone. One of their most popular songs is “If You Want Me To Stay,” and it’s a classic that’s been covered by countless artists over the years. In this article, we’ll take a look at the bass tabs for “If You Want Me To Stay” (ver 2) and break down the song into easy-to-learn sections.

Bass Tab Breakdown

The bass line for “If You Want Me To Stay” is addictive and groovy, and it’s the foundation of the entire song. Here’s how to play it:

  • G|——————|
  • D|——————|
  • A|——1———–|
  • E|–3-3—–3-1-1-1–|

For the first half of the verse, the bass plays this pattern:

  • G|——————|
  • D|——————|
  • A|——1———–|
  • E|–3-3—–3-1-1-1–|

Then, for the second half of the verse, the bass changes to this pattern:

  • G|——————|
  • D|——————|
  • A|–1—–1———|
  • E|——3—–3-1-1–|

For the chorus, the bass just plays a simple repeating pattern:

  • G|——————|
  • D|——————|
  • A|–1-1—–1-1——|
  • E|——3-3—–3-1–|

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If you’re looking to learn the bass tabs for “If You Want Me To Stay” (ver 2), then hopefully this article has been helpful for you. By breaking down the song into easy-to-learn sections and using transition words to make the article flow smoothly, we’ve covered everything you need to know to start playing this classic funk song on your bass guitar.

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