I Wish bass tabs

I Wish bass tabs

Title: I Wish
Artist: Stevie Wonder
Tabbed by: RTBM
Tuning: E A D G

Main part intro + Chorus


Even though we sometimes...

Break after chorus
p p p p

I Wish Bass Tabs – How to Play I Wish on Bass Guitar

I Wish Bass Tabs


If you are a fan of funk music, you have probably heard “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder. This classic song features an infectious bassline that is a lot of fun to play. In this tutorial, we will break down the bass tabs for “I Wish” and give you step-by-step instructions on how to play it.

The Bassline

The main groove of “I Wish” revolves around a simple but effective bassline that is played throughout most of the song. Here are the bass tabs:


As you can see, the bassline is based on the E flat mixolydian scale. The rhythm is fairly straightforward, and it’s all played with your right hand thumb.

The key to playing this bassline is to maintain a steady groove throughout the song. Try to keep your timing tight and your notes well-articulated, especially when playing the 16th notes in the fourth bar.

Variations and Fill-Ins

While the main bassline is the core of “I Wish,” there are also a few variations and fill-ins that you can add to give the song some extra flavor. Here are a couple of examples:


This first variation occurs in the chorus section of the song, and it utilizes some funk-style octaves to create a bigger sound. Notice how the straight quarter notes in bars 2 and 4 create a sense of tension and release that gives the bassline some extra groove.


This second variation occurs in the instrumental break of the song. It features some quick hammer-ons and pull-offs that create a more fluid, legato feel. Again, timing is key when playing this fill, so make sure to practice it slowly before trying to play it up to speed.


“I Wish” is a classic funk song with a great bassline that is fun and easy to play. By following these bass tabs and tutorial, you’ll be able to play this iconic groove in no time. Remember to focus on your timing and articulation, and experiment with some of the variations and fills to make the bassline your own.

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