Marina and the Diamonds: Happy Bass Bass

Marina and the Diamonds: Happy Bass Bass

Marina and the Diamonds is a Welsh singer, songwriter, and record producer. Known for her unique sound and eclectic style, she has gained a large following since her debut in 2009. One of her most popular songs is Happy Bass Bass, which was released in 2015.

Marina and the Diamonds Happy Bass Bass album cover

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

The lyrics of Happy Bass Bass are about finding happiness and fulfillment in life, despite the struggles and challenges that come our way. Marina sings about the importance of living in the moment and enjoying the simple things in life, instead of constantly striving for more.

The chorus of the song goes:

Happy, happy, happy bass bass
Living in the moment with a smile on my face
Happy, happy, happy bass bass
Never gonna stop dancing, no matter what they say

This catchy refrain encourages listeners to let go of their worries and dance to the beat of their own drum. It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of daily life, but Marina reminds us that we can always choose to be happy, no matter what.

The Process of Making the Song

Happy Bass Bass was produced by British electronic group Clean Bandit, who had previously collaborated with Marina on the hit song Disconnect. The song features their signature blend of dance beats and catchy melodies, with Marina’s distinctive vocals front and center.

The music video for Happy Bass Bass was released in August 2015 and features Marina in a variety of colorful outfits, dancing and singing along to the upbeat track. The video has since garnered over 18 million views on YouTube and continues to be a fan favorite.


Happy Bass Bass is a fun and uplifting song that encourages listeners to let loose and enjoy the moment. With its infectious beat and catchy lyrics, it’s no wonder that the song has become a fan favorite and one of Marina’s most popular hits. Whether you’re dancing in your bedroom or singing along in the car, Happy Bass Bass is sure to put a smile on your face.

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