Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) bass tabs

Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) bass tabs

Okay, I've looked at some of the tabs for this song, and decided to put the REAL "CORRECT" version out there. Using 5th's, there's two ways you could play this song. But the way that Johhny Cash's band plays it, is the first version I'll tab. My band plays this song a lot at gigs, and it pretty easy and gets everyone listening. So here it goes...
B=bend; P=pull off;


The hardest thing about this song is the timing. The rest of the song is played with only two strings(or could be)!

Basically playing E and it's 5th, which is B.

Same here, except were play A and it's 5th E. See the pattern.
1st position 2nd position
G~|—————————————| |—————————————|
A~|———9———9———9—| |—2———2———2———|
E~|—7———7———7———| |—————————————|

First one is easier for me, because I don't have to move back and fort so much on the neck.

So basically you'd play in order of:
#1, #2, #1, then #1, #2, #3, #2
If you listen to the song and play along, you'll figure it out pretty quick. Just watch the timing.

For more advanced players**
You could try this instead of |0—7—0—7| you would use the octave above and the lower 5th. Same notes, just a different sound. I've played it both ways just to change it up.

Then the higher A and it's lower 5th

And #3 would stay the same. All in the same order of course.

So there it is. I hope that someone finds this useful so that I didn't waste an hour of my time tabbing this. ;—) Good luck and enjoy!!

Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) Bass Tabs – Learn How to Play It like a Pro

Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) Bass Tabs – Learn How to Play It like a Pro

Folsom Prison Blues is a classic country song written by Johnny Cash in 1955. It has enjoyed enduring popularity because of its simple yet catchy melody and lyrics that reflect the struggles of life in prison and the longing for freedom. In this tutorial, we will guide you through Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) bass tabs and teach you how to play it like a professional bassist.


Folsom Prison Blues is a twelve-bar blues song with a moderate tempo. The bass line is simple and repetitive, but it drives the song and gives it its distinctive sound. To play it well, you need to have a good sense of timing, a solid understanding of the rhythm, and the ability to play the notes cleanly and accurately.

Getting Started with Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) Bass Tabs

The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of the Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) bass tabs. You can find it online or in a music store. Once you have the tabs, you should study them carefully and make sure you understand the symbols and notations used. Tablature is a system of notating music that uses numbers and symbols instead of traditional music notation.

It is important to note that the Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) bass tabs are written for a four-string bass guitar. If you have a five-string or six-string bass guitar, you will need to adjust the tabs accordingly. Also, make sure your bass guitar is in tune before you start playing.

Basic Techniques for Playing Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) Bass Tabs

Before we dive into the tabs, let us first discuss some basic techniques that you should master to play Folsom Prison Blues like a pro:

  • Plucking the Strings: To play the bass line, you need to pluck the strings with your fingers or a pick. Use your index finger for the E and G strings, your middle finger for the A string, and your ring finger for the D string.
  • Fretting: To create different notes, you need to fret the strings using your left hand. Place your finger behind the desired fret and press down firmly but not too hard.
  • Muting: Sometimes, you need to mute the strings to create staccato notes. To do this, place your left hand lightly on the strings without pressing down on any frets.
  • Sliding: To create a smooth transition between two notes, you can slide your finger up or down the string instead of lifting it off and placing it on a new fret.

With these techniques in mind, you are now ready to learn the Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) bass tabs.

Breaking Down the Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) Bass Tabs

The Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) bass tabs consist of three parts: the intro, the verse, and the chorus. Here is a breakdown of the tabs:


The intro is four bars long and sets the tone for the song. The bass line starts on the E note and goes up to the A note, then back down to the E note. Here is the tab:


Make sure to pluck each note cleanly and accurately and keep the rhythm steady. The intro should set a slow, steady pace for the rest of the song.


The verse is eight bars long and follows a simple chord progression: E-A-E-B7-E-A-E-B7. The bass line follows this progression closely, with some variations to keep it interesting. Here is the tab:


Notice how the bass line follows the chords closely but adds some embellishments to create a groove. Practice this section slowly and build up speed gradually until you can play it fast without mistakes.


The chorus is eight bars long and uses the same E-A-E-B7 chord progression as the verse. The bass line is similar to the verse but has some variations to make it more interesting. Here is the tab:


Once again, the bass line follows the chords closely but adds some variations to create a groove that drives the song forward. Like the verse, practice this section slowly at first and gradually build up speed until you can play it confidently.


Congratulations! You have learned how to play Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) bass tabs like a professional bassist. Remember to practice regularly, listen to the original song for inspiration, and experiment with your own variations and improvisations. With dedication and hard work, you can become a great bassist and play Folsom Prison Blues (ver 6) like a pro!

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