A Cool Little Jazz Line bass tabs

A Cool Little Jazz Line bass tabs

This is a cool little jazz line my guitarist taught me.



Play it over and over, its fun and mellow.

A Cool Little Jazz Line Bass Tabs

A Cool Little Jazz Line Bass Tabs

Are you a bass player looking for a cool little jazz line to add to your repertoire? Look no further! We have easy-to-follow bass tabs for A Cool Little Jazz Line.

Introduction to A Cool Little Jazz Line

A Cool Little Jazz Line is a well-known jazz standard that features a simple yet catchy bass line. The song was composed by Dizzy Gillespie, a legendary jazz trumpeter, and features a classic bebop melody that is perfect for improvisation.

To play A Cool Little Jazz Line on bass, you will need to have a good understanding of basic bass techniques such as fingering, plucking, and sliding. Additionally, you will need to understand some basic jazz theory in order to improvise and add your own personal touch to the song.

Easy-to-Follow Bass Tabs

Our A Cool Little Jazz Line bass tabs are designed to be easy-to-follow, even for beginners. The tabs are broken down by measure, and include the notes and fingerings necessary to play the song. We have also included some basic instructions on how to approach improvisation and add your own flare to the song.

Here is a sample of the tabs for the intro of A Cool Little Jazz Line:


Transitioning Between Notes

One of the most important aspects of playing A Cool Little Jazz Line on bass is mastering the ability to transition smoothly between notes. To achieve this, we recommend practicing each measure slowly and focusing on perfecting the fingering and plucking techniques required to smoothly transition from one note to the next. Additionally, be sure to use slides, hammers, and pulls effectively to add variation and style to your playing.

Here is an example of how to transition from one note to the next:

		|-----0h2--------------|     |---------------------|
		|-----------3p2--------|     |-----------3p2--------|
		|-----------------2----| --> |-----2h4--------------|
		|---------------------|     |---------------------|
		|---------------------|     |---------------------|
		|---------------------|     |---------------------|

Adding Your Personal Touch

One of the great things about A Cool Little Jazz Line is that it is the perfect song to add your own personal touch to. As you become more comfortable with the basic bass tabs, experiment with adding your own flavor and improvisations to the song. Play around with different rhythms, scales, and techniques to find your own unique version of the classic jazz standard.

Remember, the key to successful improvisation is to listen carefully to the other musicians you are playing with, and to respond to their cues and changes in the music. Keep your ears open, and let your creativity flow!


A Cool Little Jazz Line is a classic jazz standard that is perfect for bass players of all skill levels. With our easy-to-follow bass tabs, you can easily learn to play this catchy and fun song. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your bass skills, or an experienced player looking to add a new song to your repertoire, A Cool Little Jazz Line is a must-learn for any aspiring jazz musician.

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