The Guitar Blueprint to Success

This 57 page  book  will put you on the right track with your  guitar playing by offering you some strong tips that will help you take your guitar level to the next level. What will you learn ?

The Guitar Blueprint to Success Table of Contents

      • First, in chapter 1 I am going to show how to master guitar. I am going to introduce you to an NLP concept called “ The 4 stages of learning”. Here you will see how we learn everything in terms of guitar playing
      • Secondly, in chapter 2 I will introduce you to the concept of memory muscle. By understanding this concept you will be able to play clean and as fast as you want to. I am also going to show you some practical exercises and a way to practice them
      • In chapter 3 i am going to show you what are the guitar parts and how to learn the guitar notes with 2 powerful exercises that require only 15 minutes a day
      • In chapter 4 you will learn about the metronome, the note values, time signatures and how to practice note values with a metronome
      • In chapter 5 you will learn everything you need to know about guitar tabs, what are they, how to read them and I will even show you a table full of tab symbols so that tab reading will become a piece of cake to you
      • In chapter 6 I will give you 20 powerful guitar tips that will put you on the right track with your guitar playing

What is the cost of the guitar blueprint to success ?

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