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The Benefits of the CAGED System

The Benefits of the CAGED System

What is the CAGED System good for ?

This is another attempt to help you understand the benefits of the CAGED system.

In the CAGED system article we saw that:

- the caged system is a simple method for learning and visualizing the scales and the chord tone that they are made of

- this system is based on 5 chords : C, A, G, E and D.

In order for you to understand it better I am going to take a C major and transpose it in all the five shapes so that you will see for yourself what are the benefits applied to guitar playing.

The C major – The C Shape

caged system



The C major Chord – The A Shape

caged system



The C Major Chord – The G Shape

caged system



The C Major Chord – The E Shape

caged system



The C Major Chord – The D Shape

caged system




By analyzing the above diagrams you can see the following:

- All 5 shapes have the same notes as the C major chord in the open position

- You can see that every  2 shapes have a common root note

- the name C, A, G, E and D “flow” naturally one after another

- every shapes looks like it’s open position corespondent with an added capo.

So now you probably can see the benefits of this system

1. You get to cover all the  fretboard and adapt the chord shape judging by the position that best suites you.

2. It is a good exercise for learning fretboard visualization.

3. It is also a very good exercise for developing your finger independence.

It may look easy to take a chord in the first position and just go up and down the fretboard, but i assure you that when put to practice you will start to know what i am talking about :) .

How to make the most out of the CAGED System ?

In order to benefit the most out of this system i invite you to do the following. You don’t have to do them in any particular order, i am just giving you some suggestions so that you have where to choose from.

1. Just play the above diagrams on you guitar, just move from one to another and be amazed for the fact that they sound the same :) . Try playing them clean and you can even use a metronome

2. Try using the other 4 shapes and move up the fretboard

3. Visualize the root notes as you play shapes. This will help you a lot when you will try to improvise.

4. You can also take a chord and see the notes that it is made of and as you go up with shapes see the succession of notes in every chord shape

5.  I recommend that you can use this CAGED run up as a warm exercise for a while :)


If you find other cool ideas feel free to leave a comment so i can try them out to :) .

In the end i would like to tell you that mastering the caged system takes time but with patience everything can be done.

PS: I’m waiting for other caged system benefits if you find any :)




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