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How to Practice Root Position Chord Triads ?

How to Practice Root Position Chord Triads ?

Guitar Chord Triads Review

This article is linked to the 2 articles I written about chord inversions.

I recommend that you read those 2 articles first if don’t know what chord triads and chord inversions are :

1. What are chord inversions and how to learn guitar chord inversions ?

2. Chord Inversions Diagrams

The best way to practice chord triads is:

- learn their shapes, as I wrote in the above articles (there are only 4 types of triads)

- Practice them on E, A, D, and G strings

- probably the best way is to play songs composed especially for practicing chord triads.

The advantage of practicing songs designed especially for mastering different aspects of music are:

- you train muscle memory for playing different shapes

- you get to see the principles you learned in practice

- you train your ears by hearing those musical aspects blend together and what works with what

- you develop you dexterity and improve your fingering


In this article I am going to show you a guitar etude designed to help you master the root position triads.

Song for mastering the Root position Chord Triad

BPM = 60

The idea of this song is not to play it fast, the idea is to get used to the root positions triads chord shapes.

That is the reason why the song is made out of 4th notes (one note per beat).

You can experiment with different notes values after you master the basic shapes.

GOLDEN ADVICE : Get used to the shapes changes first, practice slowly until this song becomes second nature to you. Only then you can use different bpm and note values.

All you have to do is just follow the blueprint after the tab.  Good luck

Bars 1 – 4

chord triads

Bars 5 – 8

chord triads

Bars 9 – 12

chord triads

Bars 13- 16

chord triads

How to practice the above song ?

The best way to practice the above etude is to apply the 4,3,2,1 x 4 method (you can read more about it in ” The Guitar Blueprint to Success “.

In case you still don’t know how to practice it i am going to give you a blueprint  below:

1. Practice 4 bars 4 times each

The reason i isolated the song into 4 bars divisions is simple. This way you can focus on parts of the song and master them individually.

This way you are going to make them second nature faster and you will master the song in no time.

2. Practice 4 bars 3 times each

3. Practice 4 bars 2 times each

4. Practice 4 bars 1 time each

5. Repeat the full song 4 times.

Remember the focus is to get used to the shapes and their changes.

You can apply the 4,3,2,1 X 4 method to each 4 bars too. Just try both approaches and see what works best for you.

Root Positions Chord Triads Conclusion

First of all i hope that you liked the above song and i promise you that i am going to do 2 more articles designed to help you master first inversions chord triads and second inversion chord triads.

Although you may not see the role of this mini songs exercises i advice you to try them out as they will make a lot of sense later.

These days i will upload a video of me playing the above etude so you may see and hear how it should sound.

Until then good luck with your root positions chord triads practice.

Chord Triads – Root positions


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