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How to practice chord triads second inversions ?

How to practice chord triads second inversions ?

Hey guys welcome the third and final part about the chord inversions.

I hope you practice the etudes I showed you in the first 2 articles and have a clear perception of how they sound and what are their shapes.

The second inversions will seem more familiar as they are basically the major and minor shapes of the E, A and D chords in open position for the major and minor chord triads  second inversions.

They will also be some new shapes but don’t worry because they are EASY and FUN to play. Besides that this exercise will also be good for:

- developing better fingering

- learning how to change chords better

- exercise for developing your ear by hearing different sounds and how well they blend together

Chord Inversions second inversions etude

Bars 1-4

chord triads

Bars 5 – 8

chord triads

Bars 9 – 12

chord triads

Bars 13 – 16

chord triads

How to practice chord triads second inversions

On this section I will simply ask you to read root position chord triads and chord triads first inversions as they cover all it is to know about how to practice and master this kind of exercises.

The only difference here is that the measure is 3/4 (if you don’t know what this means read ” The Guitar Blueprint to success ” ). Think positive the 3/4 measure in this context means LESS NOTES to play and LEARN :) )).

Chord Triads Second Inversions Conclusion

As i already told you in the beginning of this article, this is the last article from the chord inversions practice. I would like you to try all 3 songs and tell me how they went.

I would also like you to give me a comment and tell me if you like this kind of articles and if you want me to do more technique articles where you can learn to apply the theory concepts in a fun way without being frustrated about the learning process.

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