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How to Practice Chord Triads First Inversions ?

How to Practice Chord Triads First Inversions ?

As promised in my first article from the series “ How to Practice Root Position Chord Triads ” now I am going to show you another etude for mastering the first inversion chord triads.

If you haven’t practiced the last exercise I invite you to go and first learn that etude in order to better comprehend what I am going to show you here.

Chord triads First Inversion Etude


Bars 1 – 4

chord triads

Bars 5 – 8

chord triads

Bars 9 – 12

chord triads


Bars 13 – 16

chord triads


How to practice chord triads first inversion

Before I give you a detailed description of how to practice the above etude let’s first analyze the differences between this one and the previous etude.

The major difference consists in the note values.

The first etude was almost 100% made out of 4th notes.  There were some half notes that appeared in the last 2 bars.

In this etude we have 4th notes, dotted 4ths notes, 8th notes and half 8th notes. We also have ghost notes.

This means that the timing is different so as a result the etude will sound differently.

What is a dotted note ?

A dot raises the note note value with half of the timing it already has.

For example in our etude the dot raises the length of the 4th note with an 8th note.

What are ghost notes ?

Ghost notes means letting the note wring for the duration of the ghost note.

The ghost notes are the notes that are written in brackets.

The best way to practice the above etude is to apply the 4,3,2,1 x 4 method (you can read more about it in ” The Guitar Blueprint to Success “.

In case you still don’t know how to practice it i am going to give you a blueprint  below:

1. Practice 4 bars 4 times each

The reason i isolated the song into 4 bars divisions is simple. This way you can focus on parts of the song and master them individually.

This way you are going to make them second nature faster and you will master the song in no time.

2. Practice 4 bars 3 times each

3. Practice 4 bars 2 times each

4. Practice 4 bars 1 time each

5. Repeat the full song 4 times.

Remember the focus is to get used to the shapes and their changes.

You can apply the 4,3,2,1 X 4 method to each 4 bars too. Just try both approaches and see what works best for you.

Chord Triads First Inversions Conclusion

Beside this article there will be one more that will cover chord triad second inversions triads and it will end this series of triad practice.

There will also be video lessons for all these lessons so that you will hear how exactly this etudes should sound like.

Until then good luck with you chord triads first inversions practice.

Chord Triads – Second Inversions





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