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Jamorama Review

jamoramaJamorama Review

Have you ever  wanted to play guitar and never knew what to do first after you bought it?

I was in the same situation about 5 years ago, and I know how frustrating it is to want to play your favorite tunes,  to try to compose your own songs (we all have ideas in our heads but we don’t know how to transpose them on  guitar) and wanting to know why they play chord x after chord y so you can understand the “magic”  behind your  favorite  bands  sound.

I had many bad practice habits and poor technique because most of the time I was self thought and never realized when i was doing something wrong.

Then I found out (on the hard way) the importance of having a well organized program to guide through the steps necessary to take if you want to be the best you can be in a relative short amount of time.

I found Jamorama while I was searching for a solution to my problems and  I congratulate myself for making the purchase to this day.

What do you get ?

The amount of content that you get with this course belies the price. It certainly over delivers in this respect.

You get 2 e-books that open up in the Jamorama Maestro Screen. The first book is for complete beginners and consists of 15 lessons plus an Outro. The second book is more advanced and contains 16 lessons.

Within each book there are a number of multimedia extras that aid or demonstrate a point of the teaching.

So you will find about 148 video lessons. By clicking the link in a lesson a new window opens and the video will play.

Plenty of audio tracks – some are just plain tracks while others are jam tracks that encourage you to play along.

Plenty of guitar tabs diagrams that tell you where to place your fingers for certain chords and songs.

Do I get any bonus software to help me along the way ?

Yes you do.

You get the:

Jamorama Metronome – helps you to play on time and develop you guitar speed and technique.

Guitear It ! – helps you develop your aural skills (ear training) and be able to transpose the songs you have in your head when and play by ear your favorites tunes without needing any tabs. This is essential when it comes to compositions and improvisation.

Jayde Musica Pro – Software game for teaching you how to read music, very important if you want to get serious about the music business and try to make a living out of it someday.

Jamorama Guitar Tuner Pro – A guitar tuning software that helps you tune you guitar.

You also get 2 free E-Books: “How to Tune your Guitar e-book” and “Advanced Learning Techniques for Guitar”.

There is also membership site that you automatically become a member of when you purchase Jamorama. This gives you access to the forum, the support desk and is where you will find any updates of the course. You have lifetime access to any new updates or bonuses that are added.

Pros and cons about Jamorama.

Cons: This is not a magic pill that will turn you in a guitar master over night.  It takes time, dedication and patience and you will reach your goals if you are committed.

Pros: You get to improve your technique, ear and understanding of music.

You get to learn at your own pace and be able to repeat any passage as long as you want to.

You have basically all the tools needed to be a proficient guitar player and musician.

How much does Jamorama costs ?

It’s far more cheaper than going to a private teacher. A private teacher often costs between 25$~50$ an hour. Jamorama will only cost you a one time fee of 200$ for a limited amount of time, because the real value of it is 300$.

Go here and purchase Jamorama and let your guitar playing be no longer a problem of “if” and make it a problem of “When”.

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