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I Jamorama a Scam ? The truth about Jamorama

jamorama a scamIs Jamorama a scam ?

Jamorama is an online guitar lessons product.  When it comes to guitar playing online courses, the big question is: ” Is this a scam?”.

In my opinion the big benefits of every guitar courses are the simple facts that they offer a STRUCTURE. The music theory is the same as 100 years or more ago. It is not rocket science.  Think of the guitar players from the 80′s for example.  They didn’t had internet and they still became guitar legends.

When it comes to online or offline (such as books)  guitar courses  products just accept the fact that there are no magic pills. In order to be a good guitar player you must practice.  Indeed there can be wrong approaches to guitar learning but it all resumes to practicing your instrument.

So, is Jamorama a scam ?

As you already know jamorama is an online course.

The thing is that Jamorama offers a very good approach to guitar learning.  It takes you from an absolute beginner to a decent guitar player. Becoming an extraordinary guitar player depends absolutely to you.  Fortunately the goal of most guitar players is to just know how to play their favorite tunes on guitar.

If this is really or is not for you depends on your determination and patience.  All you have to do is just follow the lessons, practice daily and you will progress and learn how to play guitar.

This course also offers a 60 day money back guarantee, so this is another indication of the simple fact that  Jamorama is not a scam.

This course also includes warnings, hot tips, philosophy icons, interests and remember notes to help you better comprehend different aspects.

It also has many videos and Jam tracks to help you practice and SEE and HEAR how some chords and techniques are played and how they sound.

Before deciding to buy a course you first need to think what exactly do you want to do with your guitar playing: do you want to play with a band, do you want to compose your own songs, do you want to make a living out of it, do you just want to play your favorite tunes ?

Depending on the answers you  give to yourself you will know better what exactly do you want to do. You will effort and passion that is corespondent to your wishes.

If just want to play for yourself you will probably practice your guitar 1 hour a day max, if you want to be a pro you will invest  6,7 or even a8 hours a day (all great guitarists payed this price).

Go  here for my personal Jamorama Review.

Or go here to visit the products site.

Is Jamorama a Scam conclusion.

Jamorama is a scam for those who purchase it and just reading it without practicing their guitar. That is the bare truth.

This is truth available for every guitar course product, because if you are an absolute beginner who never put his hands on a guitar you don’t have anything to lose, only to gain.

I wrote this ” Is Jamorama a scam ?” article after seeing many people who aren’t determined to pay the price that involves guitar playing regardless on the goals they have.

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