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Guitar Superstars Review

Guitar SuperstarsWhat is the purpose of the Guitar Superstars ?

Most of us start playing guitar with the purpose of  joining or founding a band. We also have some music genres in our minds that we particularly like when we start playing guitar.

Each guitar journey starts with many frustrations and many ambitions, because everybody wants to be their best in the least amount of time.

How is Guitar Superstars any different?

Most guitar sites and teachers focus on teaching  guitar playing and not on a specific  genre of music.

This is a good and bad thing.

On the first hand this is a good thing because you are taught the fundamentals of music  and guitar playing. This helps you understand the basic mechanisms behind playing  guitar and understand what  do you have to do to progress fast and correct.

On the other hand, the bad thing is that they don’t teach a music genre in particular.  Why is this a bad thing ?

It’s simple because every music genre has it’s little  secrets and you need someone who is good at it to show you what  you properly have to do in terms of techniques, rhythmic patterns, vision and other important aspects in order to understand it.

Metal for example is more linear, you have to focus on speed and technique, jazz and blues focus more on feel, odd time signatures and groove, alternative music focuses on using a wide variation of guitar effects so you can deliver a wider sound variation and so on.

I am personally a metal fan but no music genre is better than another because every human being has his unique tastes when it comes to music.

You will eventually  start to adopt different influences after you  master  you’re favorite  genres. Guitar Superstars can help you with mastering your favorite genres.

So what does Guitar Superstars has to offer ?

Guitar Superstars offers an unique approach to guitar learning considering the facts mentioned above.

Guitar Super Stars”  teaches you the genre you want to play with a guitar instructor that is a master of a specific  genre.

The program consists of plenty of lessons, each of which continue in difficulty.

As it goes on, you will be run through countless drills and be given endless tips. Each instructor is more than capable at their individual style and cover everything you would ever want to know.

The best thing is that Guitar Superstars costs only 47$ (a one time fee). This is a bargain if you consider the fact that a private lesson with a teacher costs between 25$ and 50$ an hour.

So start being the great guitar player that you deserve to be today and start mastering your favorite genres.

Go here for more information about Guitar Superstars.

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