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The Pure Pitch Method – Perfect Pitch Ear training Review

The Pure Pitch Method – Perfect Pitch Ear training perfect pitch ear training

Are you tired of not finding good guitar tabs of your  favorite tunes?

Are you tired of not being able to figure out your favorite tunes by ear?

Would you want to be able to INSTANTLY play what you hear in your head?

This is a goal that any serious and committed guitar player should have.

I don’t know if it ever happened to you but sometimes the best ideas that come through my mind are exactly when I don’t have the guitar near by.  This is when I am on my way to work, or when I go out walking  my dogs.

Usually I  forgot the songs before I got home or even worse, I remembered the songs but I couldn’t transpose them on  guitar.

When I first started out playing guitar this was a big problem for me and I soon started searching for solutions to fix it.

I even thought that I have no talent, and all those great guitar players are simply gifted and that is the reason why they write great songs.

I thought that having a good ear is simply something that you are born with.

And I finally found out that the solution to my problem was EAR Training.

Think of the great musicians of all time: Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Jimmy Hendrix etc.  What did they all had in common?  They had PERFECT and RELATIVE Pitch.

When it comes to perfect pitch ear training what are relative and perfect pitches?

Perfect pitch means that you know every single note by ear.  For example : that is a C, D, F and so on..

Relative pitch means that you know the distance between 2 notes, which is called interval.

For example:  That is a minor 2nd, a perfect 5th and so on.

A good solution for that problem is “ The Pure Pitch Method – Perfect Pitch Ear training”.

What I liked the most of this perfect pitch ear training course is that it takes you gradually, so you have time to comprehend the lessons, not like other methods that don’t give you a good explanation of the process.

This is a very good thing especially for those who are new to ear training, because when it comes to perfect pitch ear training you have to work little each day so you can gradually expand you knowledge and inner ear.

This method is very close to the one that my teacher used to show me.

What are the benefits that this perfect pitch ear training method will give you?

In practical terms this method will give you the following benefits:

- Learning music will become easier for you – As you hear music you will be able to play what you head instantly without searching notes on the fretboard

- Creating music will become much easier – No more hunting for notes that you hear in your imagination. Transposition of the musical ideas you have won’t be a problem anymore.

- You will evoke moods freely, because you will know what interval creates each feeling.

- No more bad notes while you are improvising

- you will have a deeper understanding about music as a whole

- new genres will be understood easily and  you will know EXACTLY what you like about a genre musically speaking.

- best of all this will give a big satisfaction as a musician

What is the price of ” The Pure Pitch Method – Perfect Pitch Ear training ” ?

The price of this product is a one time pay of 97 $, but  considering the benefits it has for you if you truly are committed, It’s acquisition it’s worth every penny.

For more details about The Pure Pitch Method – Perfect Pitch Ear training course visit their page for more details.

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