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Sweep Picking Exercises part 1

Sweep Picking Exercises part 1

sweep picking exercises

If don’t know what sweep picking is, I wrote an article concerning this technique a while back and you can read that article here.

In this article I want to show you how to play a sweep picking sequence version of  Pachelbel’s Cannon   .

And I am also going to show you how to learn and practice it properly to that you can play effortlessly and at any speed you desire.

What is alternate picking ?

alternate pickingWhat is Alternate Picking ?

Alternate is picking is one basic guitar technique that involves plectrum playing (playing with a pick). It supposes  that you have to alternate your picking strokes and never play the same pick motion in a row. Alternate picking is used in all styles of music and is widely used when playing scalar runs and it is also a very reliable technique when it comes to playing guitar passages fast, because by alternating the pick strokes you keep your picking hand relaxed.

Alternate Picking Exercises

Alternate Picking Exercises

First you should read this alternate picking article if you didn’t already.

Now I am going to show some very useful exercises that i still practice and that will increase your speed quickly if you devote to them at least  15 minutes a day.

For this alternate picking exercises you will need a metronome. When learning a new technique it is very important that you make the habit of practicing with a click because It will develop your sense of beat.

Guitar Finger Picking – Why is it so important ?

finger pickingGuitar finger picking – Why is it so important ?

Isn’t  it odd for you when you see the way some guitarists completely separate playing with a pick from finger picking ? A far too common stereotype is that classical musicians will only use their fingers to play, while a rocker, metal player, pop-rocker and so on will bet more on the pick. On  which side are you?

Sweep Picking

What is Sweep Picking ?

You’ve probably heard about the sweep picking technique or already begun to practice it on your guitar.

Sweep picking is particularly useful for arpeggio oriented licks where many of the notes lie on adjacent strings, one note per string. When you’re sweeping across the strings, the  pick should not be lifted after each string, but rather, should flow across the strings with one “brushing”  motion. Lift each finger slightly as the subsequent notes are played so that your left hand “rolls” across the neck. Also, lean the top of your pick slightly in the direction you are sweeping.

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