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Ear Training Intervals

Ear Training Intervals

You musical journey starts with intervals.  By mastering them you will be able to unlock every existent chord, scale, song and chord progression.  Your foundation of music starts with mastering the simple intervals.

Simple intervals are those contained within one octave. There are 12 steps per octave (13 if we consider the unison interval).

We will first consider just 8 of them.

Play each interval individually and memorize it’s name, shape and sound.

The Pure Pitch Method – Perfect Pitch Ear training Review

The Pure Pitch Method – Perfect Pitch Ear training perfect pitch ear training

Are you tired of not finding good guitar tabs of your  favorite tunes?

Are you tired of not being able to figure out your favorite tunes by ear?

Would you want to be able to INSTANTLY play what you hear in your head?

This is a goal that any serious and committed guitar player should have.

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