guitarIt all started on the day i received a CD with Pantera and Metallica from a friend when i was in highschool. That is how i discovered metal and started to focus on the guitar parts of the songs that i listened to.  After about 2 years, in 2005, when i was about 17 years i saw a dvd that changed my life. It was called “Manowar – Hell on earth”.  I wasn’t a fan of the band but this was the first documentary that i saw about the lifestyle of a rock band.  In the beginning of the dvd there is a part where Karl Logan has a 5 minute solo.  That is the moment when i decided that i want to play guitar, have a tour and release a CD someday. I had no idea about playing guitar, i had no guitar, just a will to tour someday day and release a cd.

I remember that when I went for my first lesson I didn’t knew even how to hold the guitar in my hands. I was so eager to learn that I always asked my teacher to teach me how to play metal and how to write awesome songs and solos.  Then my teacher told me something that I remember to this day “ Paul, you will hate me now for what I am going to teach you, but you will thank me later”. He focused on music theory, sight reading and playing classical guitar pieces, things   that had nothing to do with metal.  I later found out that he was right : “ WITHOUT A MUSIC THEORY FOUNDATION YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND HOW MUSIC GOES”  and ” You have to practice your technique daily to get really fast

After about 6 months my teacher had to moved to Germany because he received a contract to play there. I had a basic music foundation then I started to understand how music goes. I searched for another teacher that was 3 times more expensive and I thought that I am going to learn a lot from him.  BIG MISTAKE : all he did he just showed me songs without teaching me any basic understanding of music. I realized that I can   read tabs on my own, without having pay a lot of money. NEVER JUDGE THE VALUE OF A TEACHER FOR HOW MUCH HE CHARGES YOU, JUDGE HIM FOR WHAT HE TEACHES YOU.

I studied individually for a while and in 2007 I founded a band which was my first experience of playing along with others.  It was a huge difference because I was used to playing on my own and playing with others was quite a challenge for me because when i was playing i was only focusing on myself. Then I learned the importance of HAVING SOMEONE TO JAM WITH. Learning how to synchronize yourself with others is essential if you want to play in a band.

To make a long story short, after that experience I switched about 4 bands until I reached my goal.

On the 11th of April this year I released a CD and had a national tour with a hardcore band. Due to some quarrels with some of the band members I decided to leave the band and focus on other aspects of my life.

That is how I came up with the idea of this site. I want it to be a place where every guitar player can learn something new and find the necessary resources to work on his skills. I intend to add content weekly and  share with you the things that helped me to this day.

I also looked for some guitar products and reviewed the ones that I consider to be really helpful to you, because guitar teachers are quite expensive and it’s possible to learn on your own if you have a good structure to follow. Online lessons offer that.

I wrote the things above because I wanted you to know  that the advices that I give you are things that come from experience and I encourage you to give me your feedback and let me know what you think about this site and change impressions about the different aspects of guitar playing.

In the end the advice that I would give you is to never give up, persevere, practice regularly and try to interact with other guitar players, because you have something to learn from everyone.