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Natural Major and Minor guitar Scales analyzed from 3 points of view

How can you watch guitar scales from 3 points of view?

It’s simple,  now let’s see how C major scale looks on the fretboard from 3 points of views: degrees, intervals and notes.


guitar scales


guitar scales


guitar scales

To play a scale in the key of “G#” ,  place the entire major scale pattern, starting with the first degree, on the “G#” fret. The second degree will naturally fall on “A#,” the third on “C,” and so forth.

What is a major scale, minor scale and chromatic scale ?

Major scale, Minor scale and Chromatic scale

First  of all what is a scale?

A scale is simply a set of ordered notes, chosen among the 12 notes within the octave.

The chromatic scale

What is a chromatic scale ?

The chromatic scale is  the collection of all 12 notes within the octave.

Playing  a chromatic scale  simply means to play all 12 notes (12 semitones) from one note up to the same note at the next octave.

I Jamorama a Scam ? The truth about Jamorama

jamorama a scamIs Jamorama a scam ?

Jamorama is an online guitar lessons product.  When it comes to guitar playing online courses, the big question is: ” Is this a scam?”.

In my opinion the big benefits of every guitar courses are the simple facts that they offer a STRUCTURE. The music theory is the same as 100 years or more ago. It is not rocket science.  Think of the guitar players from the 80′s for example.  They didn’t had internet and they still became guitar legends.

Guitar Superstars – How to Master Your Favorite Genre

Guitar SuperstarsGuitar Superstars – How to Master Your Favorite Genre

What is your favorite music genre?

Are you a master of your favorite genre ?

For how long have you’ve  been playing guitar?

If you answered yes to the second question then this article is not for you, if you answered no, then you should read on.

Mastering a genre depends on the level you are as a guitar player.

Adult Guitar Lessons

Adult Guitar LessonsWhat is Adult Guitar Lessons ?

Do you think that you are to old to play guitar ?

Do you think that if you are over 40  it’s to late to start playing guitar?

Do you think that if you are over 40 you won’t be able to play guitar well ?

This questions puzzled me because as I  know that the guitar learning process is the same for everyone. In my opinion, the only skills you need to be a good guitar player  are  PATIENCE, COMMITMENT and DETERMINATION.

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